Terms good through 2019.

Please read these Terms & Conditions to understand how you will be billed. The passenger is responsible for all charges when completing a transfer. Any concerns relating to a ride must be called in to the base and addressed with a supervisor before or as soon as possible during the transfer. Note that if the passenger takes another mode of transportation other than the car that was booked without a prior cancellation, they will be charged as a ‘no-show’. These general terms and conditions apply to all transportation services provided by East Coast Worldwide Limousine and its affiliated companies, with the exception of specific terms and conditions as stated within exclusive service agreements. See all other details below. Chauffeurs providing service for East Coast clients are franchisees or independent contractors whose vehicles are independently owned and operated. They will be referred to as “drivers” in these Terms & Conditions.

Standard Rates

East Coast’s rates are available upon request. Prices may change based on current fuel prices (see Fuel Surcharges) and annual inflationary adjustments. Accounts billing less than $500 per week will be required to open a credit card billable account and/or individual users will be required to provide a credit card at time of reservation. Customers are responsible for all tolls, taxes and fees. Tolls will be charged for both ways on any out-of-town trip. New York airport transfers will incur only one-way toll charges.

Travel Agency Service Charge

Any third-party fees and charges will be passed on to the traveler. These include reservation charges from travel agency booking systems, GDS systems, and third-party systems outside of our own reservation system.

Payment Terms

All billable/invoiced accounts are due Net 30 days. A finance charge of 1.5%/month will be added to the following invoice on amounts due on the previous invoice. Delinquency in payment over 90 days will result in the account being billed East Coast’s current full standard rate plus 15% gratuity. Once an account has been turned over to collections for lack of payment an additional finance charge of 5% per month will be charged on all outstanding balances. Invoices will be considered final after 30 days.

Online Reservations

Use of a Credit, Debit or Bank Card will withhold $150 per reservation for 30 days. Click only once on the Submit button.

Rating your Fare – Establish your pick-up and drop-off zones, and then use the tables to determine your fare. Be sure to read the rest of the terms listed below for additional services and rates.

Gratuity, tolls, waiting time, additional stops, parking, and any applicable service fees are billed additionally. Customers with special volume discounts may be charge standard rates if actual volume per quarterly falls 20% or more below the projections upon which the discount was established.

Affiliate Usage

On occasion, due to high call volume, we may offer you the option of an affiliate company to expedite your request for car service. East Coast selects its affiliates based on fair pricing and/or availability. If you opt for an affiliate, you will be charged based on fair rates, plus any surcharges and wait time charges that apply. Nationwide and Worldwide pick-ups will be served by our trusted affiliates.

Reservation Process

East Coast allows reservations to be placed directly by phone to our call center at 917-606-1978 or via our online services. You can establish an online account by e-mailing info@eastcoastlimousine.com All reservations, particularly airport pickups, must contain the passenger’s cell phone number. Passengers will be billed if they take another means of transportation without calling East Coast whenever they do not see their car. Under NO circumstances should the passenger direct the driver to change a reservation, or give the driver instructions for return pick-ups. All such changes must go through our call center. East Coast will not be responsible for service issues whenever a driver is instructed directly, other than an ‘as directed’ ride, nor is East Coast responsible for missed flights.

Driver Interaction and Changes to a Reservation

Passengers should not ask driver for changes to a reservation unless service has been booked “as directed." All changes to a reservation must be called into the dispatch center at 800-822-8767. East Coast is not responsible for errors if this protocol has not been followed.

Out of Town/State/Country Service and Affiliate Use

East Coast’s network of trusted affiliates service most major cities Nationwide and Worldwide. Local rates apply, and may be based on current exchange rates. A twenty percent (20%) gratuity is required. Note: affiliates do not necessarily provide vouchers or receipts. Advise your travelers that they are responsible for payment on all rides, and if your company policy requires a proof of ride, they should obtain one from the driver.

Manhattan Stop Off Charges

Additional stops in the original pick up zone or a touching zone will be charged at $9.00 each. Additional stops out of the original pick up zone or not a touching zone will be the full rate from the pick up zone, to the zone with the stop. Please see Manhattan zone map listed below. Complimentary wait time per stop is 5 minutes.


Battery to 14th Street East River to Hudson River…………………….101 14th Street to 34th Street- East River to 5th Avenue……………….…102 14th Street to 34th Street-Hudson River to 5th Avenue………….….103 34th Street to 59th Street- East River to 5th Avenue…………………..104 34th Street to 59th Street- Hudson River to 5th Avenue ..………..….. 105 59th Street to 79th Street – East River to 5th Avenue …………….….. 106 59th Street to 79th Street – Hudson River to 5th Avenue ..…..……….. 107 79th Street to 96th Street – East River to 5th Avenue ………….….…..108 79h Street to 96th Street – Hudson River to 5th Avenue ..…..…..…… 109 96th Street to 125th Street – East River to 5th Avenue ………….…… .110 96th Street to 125th Street – Hudson River to 5th Avenue ..…….……111 125th Street to 155th Street- Harlem River to Hudson River……….112 155th Street to 181st Street- Harlem River to Hudson River…..……113 181st St to County Line North– Harlem River to Hudson River…….114

Round Trips are billed at full price both ways with no stop charge. Waiting time is applied after a 5-minute grace period.

Multi-Zone Round Trips, if a job is taken in one zone and then returns to another zone, full one-way price will be charged for each respective zone.

Stops in Outer Boroughs are billed at $12.00 per stop within the same zip code. Otherwise they are billed additionally from zone to zone. Multiple Stops in different boroughs are charged at full price for each borough.

Out-of-Town Rates with Multiple Stops

Furthest destination – Full Price

Town in direct route – Half Price

Additional Stops within same town – $15

Waiting Time

Waiting Time is $51 per hour, billed in 5-minute increments. It begins five minutes after the scheduled reservation time on non-airport pickups.

Guaranteed Waiting Time may be requested at the time of reservation. This will guarantee that the chauffeur waits at the location regardless of circumstances for up to 2 hours, billed at hr. rate. This fee, payable to your chauffeur, compensates the chauffeur for time spent waiting at the location regardless of circumstances for up to 2 hours, billed at hr. rate


On-Demand (a.s.a.p. or “now”) calls in Manhattan… If a call is made for a pick-up in less than 30 minutes, it will be considered a live call, and the closest available car will be sent.

Sedan Charge by the hour in Manhattan is based on a 2-hour minimum and billed at $50 per hour.

Specialty Vehicle Rates

SUV, stretch limousine, van, coaches and buses must be requested at time of reservation, and will incur an automatic 20% gratuity.

Call ahead 72 hours for 24, 36 or 56 passenger vehicles.

SUV rates – ALL Hourly Trips are BILLED GARAGE TO GARAGE

  • Pick and drop in within 5 boroughs – $90 + 20% gratuity + service + 2.5% surcharge {Making 1 or more stop use hourly borough rate below}
  • Boroughs to LGA (no stops) – $90 + 20% gratuity + service + tolls + pkg and M&G (if applicable) + 2.5% surcharge
  • Boroughs to JFK or NWK (no stops) – $110 + 20% gratuity + service + tolls + pkg and M&G (if applicable) + 2.5% surcharge
  • Trips within the boroughs making 1 or more stop – $75 per hour; 2-hour minimum garage to garage + 20% gratuity + service + tolls (where applicable) + 2.5% surcharge
  • Trips from any local airport to an OT destination – $75 per hour; 2-hour minimum garage to garage + 20% gratuity + service + tolls (where applicable) + 2.5% surcharge
  • Non- airport OT trips – $75 per hour; 3 hour minimum garage to garage + 20% gratuity + service + tolls + 2.5% surcharge

CANCELLATION must be no less than 2 hours prior to pick-up time or the full rate will be charged.

Tolls will be charged for both ways on any out-of-town trip. New York airport transfers will incur only one-way toll charges.

Van rates (14 seats) are $90 per hour plus tolls and taxes, with a 4-hour minimum out of Manhattan, 2 hour minimum in Manhattan. No additional gratuity required.

GDS Integration- reservations placed through third party and travel agency systems, such as Sabre, GGA, GT3, Apollo, Cliqbook, etc., will incur an additional service fee of $4 per reservation.

Events and Parties

Events and parties must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Check for availability in November for December parties. Rates will be based on your contracted rate plus 15% gratuity.

On-Site Dispatching is recommended for your events and for reliable fulfillment of transportation for groups leaving a common location. It is mandatory for events requiring 15 cars or more. Trained personnel are in constant radio communication with the base and account manager to assure prompt service. The rate is $40 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum.

Theatre Call service is available for those special nights out on the town. Your chauffeur will drop you off in front of the theatre and then meet you after the show. This service is by reservation only. Be sure to state exact show starting and ending times. The car will wait for you at the standard hourly rate. If you prefer a separate drop off and pick-up, they will each be billed at a 2-hour minimum fare.


A special $25 per-ride surcharge will be applied on the 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, and beginning at 6pm on New Year’s Eve and Day. In addition, 30% gratuity will be applied to all fares. All airport pick-ups will be inside by baggage claim during these times.

City-Wide Emergencies

Reservations during disasters, transit strikes and city emergencies will only be taken if and when vehicles become available. Mass transportation services via shuttle vans and buses and ride sharing will be billed in the standard point-to-point manner per passenger plus the surcharge.

Sporting Event and Concert transfers are charged an additional $25 for these locations: Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, National Tennis Center, Forest Hills Tennis Center, and Chelsea Piers. All rides to the Meadowlands/Giant Stadium for sporting events and concerts will be billed on an hourly basis, garage to garage, with a 4-hour minimum, with the driver waiting.

Package Deliveries are billed at standard rates plus $5 service charge for up to 25 lbs. plus applicable parking charges. Call for other prices.

No Show charges are billed under the following conditions:

For Manhattan

  • The job is canceled by within 30 min. of scheduled pick-up time for Manhattan and one hour for Borough…or,
  • We contact you, the customer, or affiliate and you confirm a No Show…or,
  • Passenger does not show after a total of 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up.
  • We charge a $25 flat fare plus applicable fees, taxes and surcharges for all Manhattan no-shows.
  • Note: the above conditions apply to New York City based accounts. Accounts based in other areas will be billed full rate for No Shows.

Airport Rides

Airport Wait Time Limit – we will release a vehicle from an airport pick up 30 minutes after actual posted arrival time for domestic flights, and 45 minutes for international flights, if no contact has been made with the customer, or the customer did not call to advise of a cancellation or flight change. This limit may be modified based on individual account terms and requirements. Waiting time will be billed for at full fare after the complimentary period of 15 minutes. This does not apply to flight delays.

  • No show charges also apply if we contact the customer and he/she confirms a No Show…or,
  • Passenger does not show after a total wait time after scheduled arrival time.

This does not apply to flight arrival delays.

Passengers MUST call us immediately if they do not see their chauffeur. Passengers that do not contact us and take an alternative means of transportation will be billed the full rate. East Coast will attempt to contact passengers given reasonable resources whenever a chauffeur has difficulty locating them. ALL RESERVATIONS must contain a passenger cell phone number.

Charges also apply if a job is canceled within:

  • 45 min. of scheduled arrival or pick-up time for LGA for a sedan, and 2 hours for an SUV or 4 hours for a van
  • 1 hour for JFK for a sedan, and 2 hours for an SUV or 4 hours for a van
  • 1 hour for Newark for a sedan, and 2 hours for an SUV or 4 hours for a van

Passenger is required to call us to cancel or reschedule the reservation whenever his/her flight has been cancelled. The passenger cannot assume that we will still dispatch a vehicle if he/she takes another flight.

Flight Checking/Tracking

East Coast’s systems are linked with the FAA flight tracking systems. Flights may also be tracked through airline portals. Note that flight tracking only provides “wheels down” time, not gate arrival time. Unless specifically advised at time of reservation, East Coast will adjust the pick-up time based on last posted flight check 60 minutes prior to pick-up.

Flight Diversion

If a flight is diverted to another airport after the car has been dispatched or is already on scene, a no-show charge will be applied. Refunds for these charges will have to be filed with the airline. Most airlines have a Waivers & Favors program.

Train Tracking & Arrivals

East Coast’s systems are not directly linked with any NY Metro based (i.e. Amtrak, Metro North etc.) or other railways and therefore we are unable to determine and adjust pickup times for delays. Passengers will be responsible for any ancillary charges and/or wait time associated with any railway delays. If delays are anticipated earlier, please call in or log online to amend your reservation manually.

Out-of-Town Trips

  • The job is within 2 hours of scheduled pick-up time (NY upstate east, NJ, CT, PA, all other N.E. states require 4 hour notification)…or,
  • We contact you, the customer, or affiliate and you confirm a No Show…or,
  • Passenger does not show after a total of 1 hour after scheduled pick-up.

Changes & Cancellation

Changes must be called in no less than 30 min prior to reservation time for Manhattan pick-ups, and one hour for Borough pick-ups. Cancellations must be requested by phone, and a cancellation confirmation number must be received. Previously placed online reservations may be canceled online. Confirmation must be received for online reservations to be confirmed. Cancellations will not be accepted via e-mail. We can only accommodate the best we can based on availability when changes are made on short notice. Cancellation charges are billed at $25 per reservation if called in less than 30 minutes from scheduled pick-up in Manhattan. Out of town cancellations must be called in a minimum of 2 hours before scheduled pick-up for locations up to 50 miles from mid-Manhattan, 3 hours for locations 51-100 miles, and 4 hours for locations beyond 100 miles, or full fare will be charged. See above for airport cancellation charges.

Cancellations for National Service (out of the NY tri-state area) 6 hours minimum before requested pick-up time, otherwise full fare will be billed.

Cancellations for International Service – reservations must be cancelled 24 hours before pick-up time, otherwise full fare will be billed.

Cancellation On Site; full charges will be applied whenever a vehicle is released from its assignment by the passenger or representative of the passenger while the vehicle is already on site.

For any tri-state area cancellations made within the timeframe below, no charges will be incurred.

Anything cancelled after the below cut off times, may incur charges.

Stretch Limo: Van/Sprinter: 24-40 Passenger Bus: 56 Passenger Coash: Party Bus:
24 Hrs Prior To Reservation 24 Hrs Prior To Reservation 36 Hrs Prior To Reservation 72 Hrs Prior To Reservation 72 Hrs Prior To Reservation

For anything outside of the tri-state area, please add 24 hours to the cancellation cut off times. Cancelling after the cut off times may incur charges.

Children and Pets

Child Seats are available at an additional cost of $25 per trip (chauffeurs travel off route to obtain seats). In addition due to TLC regulated laws, it is the passenger responsibility to lock the seat into the vehicle, place the child into the car seat and secure them in.

Pets – most vehicles have a pet restriction due to luxury interiors; unless pet is in a small carry-on cage. All other pets will require specially assigned vehicles at an additional charge of $25 over regular rate.

NOTE: East Coast will not pick up unattended children and/or pets. An adult must accompany these travelers even if the destination is to a guardian.

Foreign Language skilled chauffeurs are available at an additional $50 per hour with the exception of Spanish speaking chauffeurs at $20 per hour.

Luggage exceeding the limits of a sedan’s trunk space will require an upgrade to a van or SUV (typically more than 3 suitcases)

Airport Pick-Ups are always booked as inside pick-ups unless a curbside pick-up is specified. Parking will be charged for additionally. This meet-and-greet service is billed at $11 additional. The chauffeur will meet you at baggage claim and escort you to your vehicle. Look for our sign with your name on it. As usual, parking, tolls and gratuity are additional.

Note: We will make check the current status of flights to minimize unnecessary

waiting time. We do request that you keep our reservationists current on any flight or arrival time changes; otherwise we will be required to charge for waiting time or bill as a no show.

Service Fees

Customary service fees charged for include the 2.5% New York State Surcharge (mandatory), a Voucher processing fee of $4, and driver’s gratuity (tip) of 5-20% depending on service type, vehicle and contract rate.

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges will be imposed based on average fuel prices as stated by the AAA reports for the NY Metro region. Rate surcharges are reflected in the following table.

$/gal 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25
surcharge 0.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00% 6.00% 7.00% 8.00% 9.00% 10.00%
$/gal 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00
surcharge 0.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00%
$/gal 3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25
surcharge 6.00% 7.00% 8.00% 9.00% 10.00%
$/gal 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75
surcharge 0.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00%
$/gal 3.00 3.25 3.50 3.75
surcharge 5.00% 6.00% 7.00% 8.00%
$/gal 4.00 $4.25
surcharge 9.00% 10.00%

Taxes and State Regulated Fees

East Coast is required to charge a 2.5% New York Black Car Fund Worker’s Compensation fee on all ride totals. In addition, as of October 1, 2006, the State of New Jersey has placed a 7% service tax for the total on chauffeured services (N.J.S.A. 54:32B-8.11). East Coast is also required to collect New York State Sales Tax as of June 2009. This tax varies with the pick-up county. Contact our billing department for details.

Miscellaneous Charges on an Invoice

Items falling under the heading Misc. on an invoice include Baby Seats, Holiday Surcharges and Fuel Surcharges.

Billing Reconciliation and Credits

All billing disputes and requests for adjustments and credits must be submitted within 30 days and in writing, otherwise it will be considered final.

Corporate Travel Managers

Most billing issues are a result of minor, but time consuming, misunderstandings of the basic processes behind the service agreement. Travel Managers are requested to advise associates of the terms and conditions between East Coast and their firm.

Specific protocols of voucher processes, authorized user lists, authorized callers, department numbers, credit card usage and reservation protocols must be reviewed. Your Account Manager will be more than happy to work with you to draft a policy and procedures statement to help your associates expedite their chauffeured transportation needs.

Rate Tables will be provided based on agreed to terms and geographic requirements.

Confidentiality and Protocols: East Coast maintains a high level of integrity and confidentiality in regard to any and all client information, billing and usage parameters. East Coast will never disclose such information without the express consent of the authorized client contact. East Coast expects all clients to observe similar levels of confidentiality in regard to disclosing East Coast’s pricing, policies and processes to competitors.

Terms and Conditions may be subject to change. Please check this website periodically.